In this section you can follow Puzzled's progresses and see how intelligent the the parser and processor are (or are not). A Puzzled language reference will be available at a later time.
On the left, the textual clue entered in the program is given, along with a snapshot of the results given by the program.
On the right are remarks I felt should be mentioned.
The first two paragraphs of the reference problem have been re-arranged into Puzzled language and typed in.  More will be added shortly.

Clues -
as entered in Puzzled
Results obtained
(click to enlarge)
1 -  Peyton nor science-fiction is Starburst For this test, case sensitivity has been turned off. 
Also, from this clue, can one safely assume Peyton is not Science-Fiction ?
2 -  Biography is one less pages than Passion Play Thus Biography is not Passion Play, Biography is not 15 pages (minimum) and Passion Play is not 19 pages (maximum).
Notice the pages (the s is required because it corresponds to the category name.  Entering page instead would not work).
Also, in order for Puzzled to understand this clue, you must skip the Sabrina part...
(Clues like this will eventually stay in memory and be re-processed after any change, to see if new information can be discovered.  Right now, Puzzled is as good as me, I must read the same clues over and over again...)
3 -  Frederic is not fantasy  
4 -  Frederic is not Wright In the future, a pre-parser will break up sentences for you.  this task must be done by the user at this time.
5 -  Wright is not Haley's Comet  
6 -  Mystery is one more Pages than Chapman Paragraph 2 starts here:
Therefore Mystery is not Chapman, Mystery is not 15 and Chapman is not 19?
7 -  Mystery is not Elizabeth  
8 -  romance is one more pages than Into the Fire Therefore romance is not Into the fire, romance is not 15 and Into the Fire is not 19?
9 -  Into the Fire is not mystery  
10-  Never Again is one less Pages than science-fiction Therefore Never Again is not science-fiction, Never Again is not 19 and science-fiction is not 15?

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