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This section provides you with guidance on how to use the program, how to write clues that Puzzled will understand, and a few pointers on how the program was built.


Puzzled Documentation:  
Contains the basic information that will enable you to install Puzzled, discover all its features and navigate within the user interface.
This link provides an example on how to use puzzled with the reference problem. It is provided mainly for developpers to see the progress of the parsing and computing engine.
Gives you all the necessary information on how to write proper clues in Puzzled. Covers pseudo-English syntax, as well as the newly supported shorthand.
  • Language Reference
Frequently Asked Questions. There has not been any questions asked, but possibly will be in the future!
  • FAQ


Design Information:  
The role of this component is to understand the clues and create relationships out of them. Reading this document will ease your understanding of the Language Reference.
  • Language Parser
The processor is responsible to discover new relationships based on the existing one, mainly by a careful examination of the grid and logical deduction of the relationships present.
  • Processor
For developpers: this document will help your understanding of the structure of the program and its components. It also covers the package distribution.
  • Class Diagrams


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